Sunday, 8 April 2012

Seed Planting..

I finally got round to planting the seeds from the Innocent Smoothie cartons last week with my girls. I was unbelievably surprised as to how much they enjoyed it. My eldest Daughter sat there for 2 hours putting in the soil and pressing the seeds out then watering them. I must admit this is a great gift that comes free.
Here is what we used, all set and ready to plant.
"Planting the seeds"
And here are our finished products :) although since writing this post and uploading these photos I have naughtily bought some more smoothies to get some different seeds :O
The cress ones (Pictured centre) were bought separately. Who knows when these will grow? I’m excited to see how well they grow…

Ready seeds, on your marks, get set….GROW!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

So here it first blog..ever!

So here it first blog..ever! :) Yayy!! Go me! Who would ever thought I would have made it this far. Life has been one hell of a ride.Some could say I have had 9 lives.I’ve been through alot. I am now healthy living with two gorgeous daughters and a lovely Husband. Life couldn’t be any better. I’d say my life is always stuck on fast forward. Everything goes so quickly, I’m one who never stops. Now I am here I am addicted to this blogging.  I look forward to stumbling across the wonderful blogs that are posted.

This is us…

and this is our blog. Put the kettle on :)
Welcome to my world..Happy reading all.