Sunday, 19 July 2015

Our Baby Girl has finally arrived!!

After what seemed like forever she is finally here..

Ella-Marie born 19/7/15 11:36am weighing a healthy 8lb 15oz 😊

Couldn't be more prouder parents than we are right now.

The birth itself was insanely quick and super super painful.. As some of you may already know I was 12 days overdue and was sent in to be induced on the Sunday 19/7/15. My original due date was 7/7/15. I was already experiencing slight niggling pains Sunday morning around 4am but continued none the less to get ready to go to drop the girls off at their Grandparents house ready for me o be induced in hospital at 8am the same day. When my Husband and I arrived they gave me a full examination and suggested the pessary to get the ball rolling as my cervix was so far back. Even though I was experiencing pains they thought it wasn't labour pain merely Braxton Hicks. I was told the Mideife would continue to monitor me after 6 hours.. But .. Within 1 hour of the pessary being inserted and the Midwife running a bath for me I was fully dilated and screaming in pain with our baby girl on her way and the head literally in sight!!

Definitely one to remember and an absolutely perfect little girl to add to our family..😊

All set and ready to go home that evening to show the girls their new sister..

It's hard work being big Sisters 😂

Until next time..

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Yes that's exactly what I am as of now..

Overdue..but baby is still happily cooking away and just not ready to pop out yet.

And we also have to very excited big sisters waiting for the big arrival. But still no signs or symptoms of anything happening anytime soon..

Treasuring the time and memories and the last of the sleepless nights before it is all systems go.. :)

Getting lots of last minute baby bump pictures also to treasure forever.

Eek come on little one Mummy and Daddy cannot wait to meet you.

Not long now..

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Full Term.

So whoever would have thought but I have made it full term.. Yes 40 weeks has come and gone just like that. Haven't had much to update on here. Midwife appointments have all been well heartbeat has been loud and clear which is always such a relief to hear and just reassures you that little bit more.

My Gran has knitted some gorgeous booties and cardigans which we both cannot wait to dress Baby up in.. Also a lovely blanket..

Everyone was convinced I'd go into labour by 38 weeks but here I am still waddling around proud of my Baby bump..

The waiting game is now on.. Watch this space!