Friday, 26 September 2014

The weekend getaway with a difference..

Friday afternoon we decided we were done with working and going away was a must..and the only way to keep our sanity.

After collecting the girls from school and grabbing a quick bite to eat for tea we packed up our bags got in the car and set off for Lancashire.

After 3 hours driving and 10 miles of fuel left, we finally arrived at our destination unknowing what to expect. 

So here it is..Glamping at Lantern and Larks in Lancashire.

First night was worse than being stuck in a freezer. We arrived at 11pm in the middle of some woodland in a field into a "glamorous" tent with no lighting apart from tea lights and no heat until the wood burner had been lit..although after driving that distance then worrying about lighting and keeping a fire going was just out of the question as once it was lit we fell asleep and so did the fire...


Two hours later we woke up with chattering teeth and holding onto each other as close as possible. 4 duvets, 3 blankets and a warm drink made on the gas stove and we managed to nod off.

Anyway, next morning we woke up and it was much more milder and warmer. I also managed to take a few snapshots of inside the tent..

After the usual morning routines, shower, dressed, breakfast etc first thing was first and that was to go hunt for the closest possible fuel station.

We managed to literally roll the car into the fuel station with 5 miles left to spare. It felt as if we were in the desert and had just found our first drop of water..
So pleased to see the fuel station..I even took a snapshot of it!

Once we had filled up with fuel we set of for a day out in Blackpool sightseeing. It was our first time there and we had always wanted to visit.

This photo was taken on the ferris wheel after freaking out at the top when it stopped to let other people on as it was so so windy and the cart was rocking around. On the whole though the photo did come out rather well.

We walked along the sea front, saw all the horse and carts going up and down the road imitating the 'My big fat gypsy wedding' theme. The girls also had a fun time at Blackpool pleasure beach on the rides and in the arcade.

A bite to eat in between times was a must so we had lunch at Pizza Hut, followed by a walk in and out the shops. Then to head of back to the tent and have a fire and BBQ and watch the sun go down.

Day two also had a lovely warm sunny start to the morning so we all agreed on the river walk which was at the end of the field. We all had endless fun having wheelbarrow races too during the afternoon.

We decided being Sunday and needing to get home for school the next morning we would leave earlier in the evening, so we went to the nearby pub for dinner before going back to the tent, pack up and go home.

All in all despite the first cold night, This holiday was definitely

an amazing experience and would love to go back next Summer rather than early Autumn.

Thats all for now.. Until next time :)

Sunday, 14 September 2014

If you go down in the woods today..

You surely would have been in for a big surprise!

After a lazy morning and thinking on what to do next we decided to meet a few friends from School and go for a walk in Thorncombe Woods.

Thorncombe Woods is a beautiful woodland area with many fantastic walks and plenty of wildlife in Dorset. It also has the Home of Thomas Hardy situated in too which is an extremely popular tourist point.

The Girls' pointed out the most beautiful blue dragonfly about the size of my hand but sadly I was unable to take a photo as it wouldn't keep still.
It never gets boring visiting, we go often and the best thigh about it is the fact that you can always alternate your route. As for the nature around you will always more than likely spot something new..

Don't forget the camera..📷

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Back To School..

 After the last 6 weeks of the summer holidays we have finally managed to succeed in what has been a great few weeks.. Both Girls are happy, settled and are doing well into their new year groups.

The weekend following a very short week starting term we all went off to spend the day at The Dorset County Show on Sunday. The Girls loved going round from stall to stall collecting freebies, having their faces painted and looking at all the animals. Not forgetting the biggest children of all..US!!..Who can't help ourselves but indulge in a very tasty hog roast and home made cider from local companies.

There was a fantastic Motocross stunt display team called Bolddog Lings which the Girls really enjoyed and managed to wow the crowd.


Titan the robot was there fascinating both parents and children alike..

Vegetable competition proved a big hit.. could certainly do with learning to grow veg this size. We could live off it for a few weeks!!

Well after many bashings and accidents the wedding ring got sent in for a little bit of TLC after sadly losing a diamond. Two weeks later and a repair that cost more than the ring originally and she's back looking amazing and fully restored.
On another's officially month one on trying to expand the Watton Family. Very excited, people say we must be mad to have any more than two, but we have both realised that Family is very important and all we need. ( As much as the Husband has tried to fit another car seat in the R sadly isn't going to work.. will soon be all aboard the Q7.) The Girls are really excited about having another Brother or Sister to play with. Hopefully by the next blog we may have some exciting news. Fingers crossed.

That's all for now..

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Year 2014..

Well.. What a year it has been already and we are only halfway though.

From marriage to separation and back to marriage again, we never really knew just exactly how much we meant to each other. Thankfully we made it through these tough few months and realised who we needed in our life and who we didn't.

Then as we thought it couldn't get any worse it did.. moved into another house and had to start from scratch.. We then found out we sadly lost our little baby at 8 weeks.. I've heard a lot of people go through this sad time in their life but to actually have to go through it yourself is beyond words. The pain both physically and emotionally is something that heals over time but never goes away. It was the only time Daddy went into the shop after hearing the good news at 5 weeks and didn't want to find the nearest exit without buying the whole shop. Sleep tight xx-xx
''An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth... Whispers as she closed the book, "Too Beautiful For Earth". ♥
So.. after all the ups and downs we have been spending some much needed quality family time together. We saved up and bought a new car :) , (Golf R may I add so the Husband sitting next to me is stating)..Went on an amazing and adventurous holiday with a difference. 'Glamping', for those who don't know what that means is camping with a difference or luxury camping.. in the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales. The delightful husband thought he would surprise us all and as for me hating water told me it was a canal boat holiday so when we arrived at Swinton Bivouac I was truly amazed to find out we were staying in a little shack in the forest of Druids Temple.

It really did go to show how much we take for granted in life such as hot water when you turn the tap on..Electricity when you turn a switch on and heat from radiators when you turn them on. We had to heat the water via the log fire. Candle light lit the room in the evenings and the stove was used to cook from.

As for plans.. We have lots of things planned for the rest of the year. Scotland skiing holiday booked, Dorset County Show this weekend and maybe a baby bump by the end of the year (Fingers and toes crossed..)

Well that's about as much as I can fit onto the canvas for now but keep coming back regularly and checking for new exciting updates.