Friday, 4 December 2015

Christmas Lantern Parade and Light Switch on.

This evening was the Town's Christmas late night shopping, light switch on and lantern parade. All the children from school were given the following resources below..

Instructions were given on how to assemble and all in all we managed to make some fabulous lanterns..

Switching on the Christmas lights this year was Top Gear presenter James May. He pulled up alongside the children so we could all have some photos taken.

Such a fantastic evening and a great way to get you on the Christmas spirit aswel as sneaking in a bit of late night shopping.

Until next time.. 

Elf on the Shelf Day 4

So this morning the girls raced around the house crazily looking for the missing Elves who had disappeared again. After looking everywhere but the Kitchen they went in to breakfast to find these two happily say toasting marshmallows..

So pleased the Elves took 'Elf and safety' to great measures and used a battery operated tea light so they didn't burn those little hands..😂

Thursday, 3 December 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year..

Yes that's what it is.. And what a busy month it is already and we have only just started.

It's December 3rd and the tree is up. We spent last weekend decorating it whilst drinking hot chocolate topped with marshmallows.. 

It was great fun and much easier this year as we managed to pack away in an organised way. Each branch on this tree is colour coded so putting an elastic band around each group of colours gave us a super head start this year!

Tuesday December 1st we sorted out the Christmas movies and put them in the cupboard downstairs so they are easy to reach and are ready to be enjoyed.

Our top two family favourites are most definitely The Grinch and the Muppets Christmas Carol.

We also purchased a couple of new Christmas decorations.. Both the deer and the stocking decorations were from Tesco and the 'Tis the season' hanging decoration was from Home Bargains although I cannot remember the prices of any sadly.

Upcoming events

There are lots of Christmas events coming up, Meals, Parties, Pantomimes, concerts. Tomorrow night is our local towns Christmas light switch on and late night shopping. The girls have been chosen to join the lantern parade along with the other local Children from other Schools nearby.

Much left to do?

We are very much more organised than last year but still have a few gifts left to buy and all the good..Not forgetting the turkey!!!

Until next time..

Elf on the Shelf Day 3..

Those naughty Elves, look what they have done to the fruit bowl!!!!

They are both sat there looking quite happy with themselves.. I wonder if the girls will be happy when they find this after school..

See you tomorrow..

Letter from Santa..

We had a letter arrive.. It was from SANTA!!!!!

The girls are over the moon and super excited about their old Elf arriving and their new female sidekick Elf..

I wonder what they have in store for us this year..

Keep watching..

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Elf on the Shelf Day 2..

We had a couple of 'Friends' join our two Elves today they have gone home with their owner to report back to Santa on how our Elves are doing..

Our Elves are currently preparing for tomorrow..

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Elf on the Shelf Day 1..

All was quiet this morning.. The girls got up and dressed,open their advent calendar door number 1, went up to brush their teeth before school and found these two little mischievous elves holding on to their toothbrushes..

Wonder what's in store tomorrow..

Monday, 30 November 2015

Amy Elf's Grand Arrival..

So tomorrow morning is the start of many things.. The start of Advent.. The big rush up to Christmas.. The opening of the first door on our advent calendars but most importantly we have company.

Yes .. Amy the magic Elf shall be joining us on our journey up until Christmas keeping track of whether our Children have been naughty or nice this year. Last year we had Jake the Elf and needed a sidekick.. So we sent for Amy..

We received a letter..

Let's hope she's a good Elf and is on her best behaviour.. I think she may have a trick or two up her sleeve..

Watch this space..

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Our Baby Girl has finally arrived!!

After what seemed like forever she is finally here..

Ella-Marie born 19/7/15 11:36am weighing a healthy 8lb 15oz 😊

Couldn't be more prouder parents than we are right now.

The birth itself was insanely quick and super super painful.. As some of you may already know I was 12 days overdue and was sent in to be induced on the Sunday 19/7/15. My original due date was 7/7/15. I was already experiencing slight niggling pains Sunday morning around 4am but continued none the less to get ready to go to drop the girls off at their Grandparents house ready for me o be induced in hospital at 8am the same day. When my Husband and I arrived they gave me a full examination and suggested the pessary to get the ball rolling as my cervix was so far back. Even though I was experiencing pains they thought it wasn't labour pain merely Braxton Hicks. I was told the Mideife would continue to monitor me after 6 hours.. But .. Within 1 hour of the pessary being inserted and the Midwife running a bath for me I was fully dilated and screaming in pain with our baby girl on her way and the head literally in sight!!

Definitely one to remember and an absolutely perfect little girl to add to our family..😊

All set and ready to go home that evening to show the girls their new sister..

It's hard work being big Sisters 😂

Until next time..

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Yes that's exactly what I am as of now..

Overdue..but baby is still happily cooking away and just not ready to pop out yet.

And we also have to very excited big sisters waiting for the big arrival. But still no signs or symptoms of anything happening anytime soon..

Treasuring the time and memories and the last of the sleepless nights before it is all systems go.. :)

Getting lots of last minute baby bump pictures also to treasure forever.

Eek come on little one Mummy and Daddy cannot wait to meet you.

Not long now..

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Full Term.

So whoever would have thought but I have made it full term.. Yes 40 weeks has come and gone just like that. Haven't had much to update on here. Midwife appointments have all been well heartbeat has been loud and clear which is always such a relief to hear and just reassures you that little bit more.

My Gran has knitted some gorgeous booties and cardigans which we both cannot wait to dress Baby up in.. Also a lovely blanket..

Everyone was convinced I'd go into labour by 38 weeks but here I am still waddling around proud of my Baby bump..

The waiting game is now on.. Watch this space!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

35 Weeks Pregnancy Update..

Well where to begin..

Firstly the pram has been ordered and is now here.. Yayy!!

After careful consideration and lots of searching we both decided on the Mamas and Papas Zoom Pram. Excellent pram all in black but we chose a pink footmuff and umbrella to coordinate. 

With backache on the brain I attempted to do the Tara Lee Pregnancy Yoga DVDs and will honestly say despite working on them at snails pace it really did the job for backache so I'm super pleased..

On the downside my blood results showed I am Slightly low on Iron so have been put on Iron tablets. Lovely!

Midwife appointment went smoothly, head not yet engaged baby is super happy in there rocking and rolling.

That's all for now.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

33 Week update..

From not getting many movents at week 30 to now getting so much wriggling it's like I have a popcorn machine inside my tummy.

Bump is measuring exactly to date despite me looking smaller for my due date. This is down to my height taking advantage that I can still be small and baby is still fine inside but having a longer body than most people means she is snug inside.

It's amazing watching my tummy grow and move. Both girls are waiting in anticipation asking myself and my husband what time is the baby going to arrive.. If only we had a time schedule for giving birth and going into labour hey..

Feeling very tired this week and find myself sitting more than moving.. Exhausted is an understatement.. But I'm sure that will pass. Midwife is happy with everything the way it's going as planned which is fab.

Cravings this week has been blueberries. Just eating them by the pot load which I guess is healty and better than raw onions!!

Also loving cold water with ice and lemon. Lost taste for other fruit juices etc this week but all is good.

Planning a last bit list of everything we need and sorting out a pram which is harder than it looks..

Hopefully by next update we would have settled for one.

Bye for now..

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

34 Week Baby Bump.

34 weeks 1 Day today.. 

Here we are..

Not much to update really although my hospital bags are finally packed and ready to run 😊..

Feeling super tired still mentioned to midwife and she's taken some bloods again as my 38 week blood results got lost somehow..😁 We shall see what happens with the results next week.

Until next time..

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

32 Week Baby Bump Update..

Well not much to update you all on this week.. Starting to put the weight on now and feeling it! Back and shoulders starting to ache now and finding it extremely uncomfortable to get a good nights sleep. Feeling a bit like the story book 'The Princess and the Pea..'

Cravings- This week I have a strong craving for Raw onion.. Yes lovely isn't it. Surely not as bad or outrageous as some peoples cravings but yes mine is onions.

I sure hope that passes as they are super strong.

So here's me this week.. Managed to fit in this stretchy dress as the weather is now getting warmer.

Started packing the hospital bag, nearly done just to put an outfit in for when I come home. Always difficult what to put on after as each pregnancy varies and some clothes are comfort than others. So may pack two or three.

Baby's hospital bag is all packed and ready. Everything is so mini and tiny,  forget just how small they actually are when they are newborn babies.

That's all from us for now..

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Pack up for the weekend..

Haven't been away in a while so we thought we would just pack our bags and go off for a short weekend break before baby arrives..

So here we are at Berridon Farm North Devon Glamping.. Despite the weather forecast we bit the bullet and went.

Five luxury tents set back in fields and woodland.. Just perfect.

The girls absolutely loved it. They went down to the chicken house each day and collected fresh laid eggs.

Found some cute lambs along the way ;)

The girls also loved sitting in the wheel along carts. On the whole it was a fabulous break with nothing to do but relax and take it easy..

Just what the Doctor ordered.

Bye for now..