Thursday, 28 May 2015

33 Week update..

From not getting many movents at week 30 to now getting so much wriggling it's like I have a popcorn machine inside my tummy.

Bump is measuring exactly to date despite me looking smaller for my due date. This is down to my height taking advantage that I can still be small and baby is still fine inside but having a longer body than most people means she is snug inside.

It's amazing watching my tummy grow and move. Both girls are waiting in anticipation asking myself and my husband what time is the baby going to arrive.. If only we had a time schedule for giving birth and going into labour hey..

Feeling very tired this week and find myself sitting more than moving.. Exhausted is an understatement.. But I'm sure that will pass. Midwife is happy with everything the way it's going as planned which is fab.

Cravings this week has been blueberries. Just eating them by the pot load which I guess is healty and better than raw onions!!

Also loving cold water with ice and lemon. Lost taste for other fruit juices etc this week but all is good.

Planning a last bit list of everything we need and sorting out a pram which is harder than it looks..

Hopefully by next update we would have settled for one.

Bye for now..

1 comment:

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