Tuesday, 12 May 2015

32 Week Baby Bump Update..

Well not much to update you all on this week.. Starting to put the weight on now and feeling it! Back and shoulders starting to ache now and finding it extremely uncomfortable to get a good nights sleep. Feeling a bit like the story book 'The Princess and the Pea..'

Cravings- This week I have a strong craving for Raw onion.. Yes lovely isn't it. Surely not as bad or outrageous as some peoples cravings but yes mine is onions.

I sure hope that passes as they are super strong.

So here's me this week.. Managed to fit in this stretchy dress as the weather is now getting warmer.

Started packing the hospital bag, nearly done just to put an outfit in for when I come home. Always difficult what to put on after as each pregnancy varies and some clothes are comfort than others. So may pack two or three.

Baby's hospital bag is all packed and ready. Everything is so mini and tiny,  forget just how small they actually are when they are newborn babies.

That's all from us for now..

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