Thursday, 3 March 2016

Being a full time Mummy..

Being a full time Mum of three can sometimes be a busy task. Small jobs can become forgotten about making everything back up. I like to keep organised and in a routine that keeps daily tasks simple and easy to maintain.

Here are a few suggestions and ways I keep on top of chores and tasks:

Meal Plan

Every Saturday I will go through all cupboards and the fridge/freezer and spend 20 minutes writing a shopping list to combine with items of food we still have in order to make up meals.

I then write up a quick meal plan for the week and pop it on the fridge. That way in a rush after the afternoon school run I can look at the meal plan and cook up what's selected for that particular day. It's also a good way of saving a bit of money not overbuying too much food and less wasting of food you forget about.


I aim to do 1-2 loads of washing per day. That way for me I can also keep on top of the ironing pile.


I always put out the girls uniform on their bedroom doors during the day as the mornings can become very busy. If they are having packed lunch I put lunch boxes out ready to fill in the morning, although very rarely this happens due to both girls having school meals. It's  only now and again when they dislike whats on the menu.


Each morning I get up at 5am, start by having a glass of water and breakfast. I then shower and feed our youngest and wash/dress her. I settle her down then go and put all the school book bags/coats/shoes/PE kits by the door. I normally have 1 hour in between the older girls waking up. They usually get up around 7am, get dressed and have breakfast, so in that hour I will either get the laundry on the line or in the wash depending on whether i washed a load the night before. I will then do a quick surface clean up i.e. any cups or anything left out from the night before and wipe them down.

Then it's school run and back home again followed by:

- Make all Beds.

-Tidy away any toys.

-Dust if needed.

-Hoover all floors.

-Mop Hallway and Kitchen floors.

-Pack away any washing up, clean and wipe counters.

That little lot may seem a lot but doesn't once you get going and keeping that way just a little each day makes it so much easier for me.

Then the rest of the day is a case of feeding our youngest baby and doing whatever we feel like doing. Friday I like to make a habit of going to the under 1's group nearby to meet new Mums and Babies.

Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below..

Thats all for now..