Saturday, 20 December 2014

8 week nightmare..

During the 8th week or thereabouts cant quite remember as it was all of a blur.. I was cooking dinner for the girls and my Husband was heading home from work, when all of a sudden I felt one massive gush so dashed upstairs to check everything was ok. The next minute find myself on the floor doubled up in agonising pain and unable to move and losing a considerable amount of blood..

Managed to get my eldest to find my phone and call my Husband who was trying to get home asap.. My Sister came over to watch the girls while my Dad called for an ambulance as I was on my own and doubled over for what seemed like forever..

So get taken away to the hospital for various tests explaining it could possibly be placental abruption, ectopic pregnancy or a normal way of miscarrying which as you can imagine sent my brain into overdrive and automatically think that was the end and we had lost another baby.

Waiting until the following day for an emergency scan seemed eternity and large amounts of pain relief we prepared ourselves to confirm the bad news..

Only to hear the sonographer say would you like to see your baby he/she is sat in there very happy right size and moving fine. Absolutely speechless my Husband and I turned round to see our miracle quite happily playing around.

Turns out I had a previous bleed about 4cm lying beside the sac which was old dead blood shedding away..

Words cannot describe the relief we had after seeing him/her..

We didn't mange to get a photo at 8 weeks as everything just zoomed by..

Moving on a few weeks we ha our 12 week 1 day scan too just a few days before Christmas which was magical as we now saw a big improvement in size, a full mini version of our baby with hands and feet. It really has been one to remember, and with the worst weeks over we can now hopefully enjoy the pregnancy with less worries..

We will still be worrying about our children when they are our age and beyond..