Saturday, 25 October 2014

Thorpe Park..

Thinking long and hard one afternoon I came up with the cunning plan of taking my Husband to Thorpe Park as He had never been before. We decided to go of a weekend when Fright Night was going on and the Girls went and stayed with their Grandparents.

Bearing in mind my Husband is not keen on heights and I hate horror themes / movies we braved it.

Stealth happened to have broken down for three days running so didn't get to go on it although I have been on before, Saw the ride is my worst ride so that was skipped. but managed to go on Colossus, Nemisis Inferno, Rush, Tidal Wave and all the other water rides as the queues then began to form.

Pizza Hut was a great place to stop for lunch before spending nearly 3 hours in the queue to go through Saw Alive the maze which I must admit I absolutely hated and will not ever do again!!!!

The weather did manage to hold off all day which we were very pleased about.. getting absolutely soaked on Tidal wave is bad enough :)

To finish the day off we booked a nights stay at the Runnymeade on Thames Hotel which was roughly a 10-15 minute drive from Thorpe Park.

The Hotel was absolutely amazing and the Spa was divine. We managed to relax in the Jacuzzi during the evening and the following morning after breakfast.

That evening we dined at the Villa Rosa in town which again was a 5 minute drive from the hotel, It is a beautiful Italian restaurant. We chose on the classic Lasagne and Spaghetti Bolognaise. The Dessert trolley looked tasty although we had left no space for pudding.

After a week or so of thinking that there could possibly be a baby but having multiple negative tests over the Husband decided we should give it one last shot so he popped to Tesco Extra to pick up one more pregnancy test and some more Pregnacare multivitamins..and giving up hope by now put it in my bag and went back to the Hotel. The test could wait till the morning even though we were desperate to know the result.

Following day we both got up showered and dressed, then just before going to breakfast I did the pregnancy test and quickly popped it on the bedside table anxiously waiting with my Husband on the bed, dreading the moment we saw the negative lines, only to find out this time that I was in fact actually Pregnant and we finally got the good news we had been waiting for!!!!

Until next time..