Thursday, 14 June 2012

From one the other!

It’s not every day we manage to go out and have a nice relaxing day. Something always gets in the way!
We decided to do something Jubilee weekend that we hadn’t yet done so we hopped in the car and left sunny Dorset (or so I would like it to be, just one day) and set off to the River Dart Country Park in Devon for the day!
It is a bit of an all rounder really for families of all ages,. Something to do for everyone and child friendly.
By the way if its a sunny day you might want to take swimming costumes for the little ones. There’s a large pirate ship on shallow water in which you walk the plank to get to!!
Anyway enough talking of that.. My husband asked me how far was it to lands end? Obviously me being me no sat nav expert I said not far.. 92 miles on top of our journey we arrived :)
So here we are …
All that way for a photo :) now just to conquer the other end of England..