Friday, 20 February 2015

20 Week Scan..

We went for our 20 week scan today and ... It's a healthy little girl!

So here she is ..

Baby Ella-Marie :)

Scan took a while longer today as we had a trainee Sonographer as well as the Sonographer and we were asked if it was ok for her to also have a go at carrying out the scan measurements etc. But on the plus side we saw around 45 minutes of our very active baby girl kicking away.

Amazing how she has grown since 12 weeks .. Running out of room in there.

Gorgeous images and look at the cute little foot in the photo above :)

Cannot wait till she arrives.. Currently busy getting her nursery sorted and ready.

Half term fun..

It's pretty much rained every day over this half term week and trying to keep the girls entertained indoors proves difficult sometimes. But knowing exactly what this English weather is like I managed to 'pre prep' some fun indoor activities for the girls to do. 

We made Frozen cupcakes from the cupcake kit.

They did have great fun making the Frozen cakes and got stuck straight into making them.

On the whole they did come out quite well.

Also managed to update and clear out the art box and add some new paints and Playdoh which kept them entertained for hours.

Ah well back to reality this week of the school runs and packing more boxes ready to move.. All in all we have had a fab half term week..