Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Back To School..

 After the last 6 weeks of the summer holidays we have finally managed to succeed in what has been a great few weeks.. Both Girls are happy, settled and are doing well into their new year groups.

The weekend following a very short week starting term we all went off to spend the day at The Dorset County Show on Sunday. The Girls loved going round from stall to stall collecting freebies, having their faces painted and looking at all the animals. Not forgetting the biggest children of all..US!!..Who can't help ourselves but indulge in a very tasty hog roast and home made cider from local companies.

There was a fantastic Motocross stunt display team called Bolddog Lings which the Girls really enjoyed and managed to wow the crowd.


Titan the robot was there fascinating both parents and children alike..

Vegetable competition proved a big hit.. could certainly do with learning to grow veg this size. We could live off it for a few weeks!!

Well after many bashings and accidents the wedding ring got sent in for a little bit of TLC after sadly losing a diamond. Two weeks later and a repair that cost more than the ring originally and she's back looking amazing and fully restored.
On another's officially month one on trying to expand the Watton Family. Very excited, people say we must be mad to have any more than two, but we have both realised that Family is very important and all we need. ( As much as the Husband has tried to fit another car seat in the R sadly isn't going to work.. will soon be all aboard the Q7.) The Girls are really excited about having another Brother or Sister to play with. Hopefully by the next blog we may have some exciting news. Fingers crossed.

That's all for now..

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